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Interactions among sleep disordered breathing, obesity, and sleep duration

Kazuo Chin

Original Article

Does obstructive sleep apnea correlate with Epworth Sleepiness Scale in an Indian population?

Sapna Erat Sreedharan, Anupa A. Vijayakumari, Pragati Agrawal, Gopal Krishna Dash, Shana N. Nair, J. P. Unnikrishnan, Ravi Prasad Varma & Ashalatha Radhakrishnan

Original Article

Prevalence of sleep-related breathing disorders among school children in Kars Turkey

Hülya Çakmur & Sadık Ardıç

Original Article


Activation of the ventral tegmental area increased wakefulness in mice

Huan-Xin Sun, Dian-Ru Wang, Chen-Bo Ye, Zhen-Zhen Hu, Chen-Yao Wang, Zhi-Li Huang & Su-Rong Yang

Original Article

Is insufficient sleep duration associated with suicidal behavior in Korean adolescents?

Tae-jin Park & Jinseung Kim

Original Article

The prevalence and associated risk factors of restless legs syndrome among Saudi adults

Nahid Sherbin, Anwar Ahmed, Abdulhamid Fatani, Khalid Al-Otaibi, Fares Al-Jahdali, Yosra Z. Ali, Abdullah Al-Harbi, Mohammad Khan, Salim Baharoon & Hamdan Al-Jahdali

Original Article

Association between sleep quality and pain in the cervical region and scapular waist in adolescent athletes

Muana Hiandra Pereira dos Passos, Hítalo A. Silva, Ana C. R. Pitangui, Valéria M. A. Oliveira, Gabriel Cordeiro Gomes & Rodrigo C. Araújo

Original Article

Does a universal sleep education programme improve the sleep habits of primary school children?

Rebecca Ashton

Original Article

Impact of commuting distance and school timing on sleep of school students

Rohit Kumar Pradhan & Niharika Sinha

Original Article

The effects of kiwi fruit consumption in students with chronic insomnia symptoms: a randomized controlled trial

Øystein Ottesen Nødtvedt, Anita Lill Hansen, Bjørn Bjorvatn & Ståle Pallesen

Original Article

Unbalanced resting-state networks activity in psychophysiological insomnia

Daniel Ruivo Marques, Ana Allen Gomes, Vanda Clemente, José Moutinho dos Santos, Isabel Catarina Duarte, Gina Caetano & Miguel Castelo-Branco

Short Paper

How much does a single sleep lecture have effect on sleep-related cognition of voluntary participants?

Motohiro Ozone, Shintaro Chiba & Hiroshi Itoh

Short Paper

Prevalence and clinical features of restless legs syndrome among Japanese pregnant women without gestational complications

Ai Hatanaka, Hiromi Eto, Chiho Kato, Yukari Yamaguchi, Haruka Sakamoto & Hideaki Kondo

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